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Helping You Move Forward

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Hello! My name is Kira Lynn Laurin (she/they), Registered Psychotherapist. I am a Yorkville University graduate (2021) who has completed her degree in counselling psychology (MACP). I am registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

Therapy can be a very vulnerable experience for those experiencing it for the first time, or even those returning to therapy. I would like to offer you some insight into who I am and who I am as a therapist:
My primary aim is to offer a supportive, compassionate, and insightful environment while practicing therapy. I truly believe that each client possesses competence in their own healing but just needs support in finding that out for themselves.

I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy informed practices as my main modality. My interest began while practicing mindfulness and the word “acceptance” intrigued me. With the word “acceptance” comes preconceived notions about what that word is, especially when experiencing trauma. Acceptance can be equated to willingness: the willingness to experience the world around you and to live in line with what makes you, you.

I offer an affirmative space to talk about difficult thoughts and emotions. As a neurodivergent and queer-identified therapist, I offer therapy for trauma, depression and anxiety for all those who are LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent.

I truly enjoy writing and encourage my clients to explore creatively their life experiences and what brings them into therapy. Therapy can be a very creative process and writing allows for those creative muscles to flourish.

Let’s together explore how therapy can provide a nonjudgmental form of support to you!

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